Defining Your Assignment

After this simple test kit, you will be able to define your God's given purpose on earth. The sole purpose of our creation is to make a difference and leave a lasting imprint in the sand of time. This write-up is capable and able to change your mind and life perspective. In similar manner it will intensively engage your brain actively if you allow it to work through you. One piece of advise, read through these steps while in a quiet and serene environment. Evaluate yourself, think through your inner mind and make the best of the moment. If you're ready
for this let's begin!

1. Our Assignment is any problem we were created to solve on earth. What do you worry about the most? What is that, that gives you sleepless night when it comes to mind? A problem is an invitation to reward.

2. What we love is a clue to the gift and wisdom we contain to complete an assignment. What do you really love doing? Be plane with your answer!

3. What we hate is a clue to something we are assigned to correct. What are your dislike? Point out five. 

4. What grieves us is a clue to something we were assigned to heal. What are those pains of unfulfilled goals that gives you sleepless nights? Think for a minute. 

We need to find something to weep about, for our lives to count. Your assignment is geographical- It means you are not important everywhere. Locate your place and you will be placed. When we are where God has divinely placed us, no one can compete with us, because we just naturally succeed without struggle. Our assignment magnifies the problem God as assigned us to solve. It means we can see the opportunity more clearly than others because is magnified.

5. If we rebel against our assignment, God may permit painful experience to correct us. The lost gains you face today, are resultant factors of your past mistakes. God permits these pains for us to learn. But you can get-out on time by re-tracing your steps.

6. Our assignment will require season(s) of preparation: Preparation is the only tool of a combatant soldier. The only difference between failure and success is the ability to follow instructions correctly. His not just the will of God to bless us, He wants to train us to keep these blessings. Preparation is the price we must pay if we ever want a prize! 

7. We can only succeed when the assignment becomes an obsession. Think about it always, behave it, speak of it, sleep with it and act it. What we constantly think about we become and we bring about. The Act of Apostle was written because the Apostles Acted. 

Finally sow a seed. Seed faith is sowing something I have for something I need in future. Everything is a seed including nothing. Your seed is a conversation with heaven. A seed may be your time to study, a time to learn new ideas, it may be a time to step-out from your comfort zone of average, your seed may be anything that takes your most productive time and letting go of it, your seed may be anything. But you must sow a seed for you to reap the fruits.

The very first step in defining our success in life is knowing the reason, the season and purpose for which we were created. Its often imperative we put first things first. i.e things that matter most, should not be at the mercy, at things that matter least. There is a reason for every created being. A reason why we aren't located everywhere, until we've identify our purpose on earth, we may wrestle till eternity. Its my wish to see you succeed. Every engine has its capacity inbuilt from the factory, in same vein the capacity to succeed is inbuilt in us from creation. Run in that capacity my esteem reader. Daily think this thoughts. Also read "The power of the mind" here in my blog-site. Introduce this site to a friend if this masterpiece as blessed you and very importantly, I would love to hear from you through the comment box below.

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.....................God bless you real good..................

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