Addressing COVID-19 Stigmatisation in Nigeria

My question to Nigerians, would you rather be stigmatised of COVID-19 and remain alive or hide away with the disease and go six-feet? Get a test if you suspect loss of smell or taste, your life is more important to any form of stigmatisation!

We are currently at a point in our lives as a nation and a people were the fight against COVID-19 is becoming difficult by the day. This trend may become much tougher in the coming days if not nip in the bud. Despite the government awareness of the COVID-19 stigmatisation, there seems to be no solution insight as the only message from the government is ‘take responsibility,’ but how?  Inasmuch as there is nothing wrong in telling people to take responsibility, it is obvious this mantra of self-responsibility is less effective or at best it is seen as another lexicon associated with the current COVID-19 era.