What as Become of Us?

"We are told by the Holy Books; "nothing is new under the sun". I guess there is nothing left on earth or yet to be discovered or heard of. I'd rather migrate to a new planet and start afresh"- Pethiano.

The life of emptiness, the space of speculations, the known becoming the unknown. Evil strive at will. A life were shadows are believed to be real in comparison to flesh and blood. A season where the cast shadow represents the opposite of its true self image. Have lived and I have seen that the right ones, with the right frame of minds are often misunderstood for no just reason. 

A world full of pretense, we are as chameleons, changing our values as circumstances dictates or demands. You open up for the right reason, the same reason for which you said the truth is classified as bias motive, or seen as a way of begging for favour. Holding on to self and keeping a clear distance, you are labeled as one