Addressing COVID-19 Stigmatisation in Nigeria

My question to Nigerians, would you rather be stigmatised of COVID-19 and remain alive or hide away with the disease and go six-feet? Get a test if you suspect loss of smell or taste, your life is more important to any form of stigmatisation!

We are currently at a point in our lives as a nation and a people were the fight against COVID-19 is becoming difficult by the day. This trend may become much tougher in the coming days if not nip in the bud. Despite the government awareness of the COVID-19 stigmatisation, there seems to be no solution insight as the only message from the government is ‘take responsibility,’ but how?  Inasmuch as there is nothing wrong in telling people to take responsibility, it is obvious this mantra of self-responsibility is less effective or at best it is seen as another lexicon associated with the current COVID-19 era.

Pool Testing The Best Strategy For Nigeria In The Fight Against COVID19

The use of Real-Time Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-qPCR) in pool testing is not new in molecular diagnostic; but of common use is the individual testing method. Also, there is nothing wrong with the individual testing approach in use by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). I was initially an advocate for individual testing; however, this approach is not feasible for a country like Nigeria with a population of over 200 million people. Again, with the shortfall in supplies of required consumables to run the RT-qPCR,

COVID-19 and the Peculiarity of Nigeria

In the last ninety days or so, the whole world has been completely thrown into chaos in something people thought was a form of joke in faraway China, and a few leaders and politicians said it was hoax. In some clime, they hid under the myth of strong genetic composition and high temperature and did little or nothing in the preparedness for a possible outbreak. It is rather no news that over half a million individuals have contracted the disease; and as many are fighting for their lives in hospital bed, over twenty-four thousand have met their

Bleeding For The Moment - A True Life Story

If you think success is quick then you’re in for the biggest shock of the century. I was once told the trajectory to sustainable growth is quite a length of time with no instant gratification. I was also told, if we keep at what we do that two years into it we become an echo, in five years we become a voice and in ten years we become an authority. This is exactly the story of ABAYOMI JOHNSON and I. Eighteen years ago we met at Owen Thomas Secondary School, Alagbado, Lagos State Nigeria where we both attended tutorial classes in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics ahead of our Senior Certificate Examination.

Abayomi was exceptionally intelligent and we become friends instantly. In the course of Baba's classes as we fondly called the chemistry teacher (Baba was a retired secondary school teacher); Baba would dictate a question at the end of each class, and then

Changing My African Identity

Few days ago I saw the movie Coco with my professor and other members of my lab. We did a vote for the movie selection because we had quite a number of options. Though the choice of  seeing a movie was to celebrate my birthday (you may as well wish me happy birthday in the comment box below and share what you enjoy most in my style of writing). Before settling for Coco, the first movie of choice was Black Panther, but at the time, Black Panther premiere was a week after my birthday. Basically, this piece of writing is not centred on my birthday, or the movie Coco, rather it is centred on the current media fuss on Black Panther.

Sold Happiness!!!

A few days or months ago, a wife was said to have stabbed her husband to death in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria over allegations that bothers on infidelity. Quite a number of persons were greeted with surprise as if, it was the first time a monkey would fall off a tree in spite of his climbing prowess. This is certainly not about the murder committed by the deceased wife, or a justification for her action. It is about the behavioural pattern of humans, it is about our happiness, joy and peace of mind as individuals. But then there is another angle to this, we are first humans before we became families, siblings, and friends. Humans before we fell in love and be loved; humans before we profess our faith and beliefs. Therefore, most of the actions and behaviour (either good or evil) from persons within our circles of lives stems from their human nature.

When we understand

The Selfishness of Friendship

In the end we may not have real enemies on the outside rather families and friends as the closest baits to our destructive end. The angle we least care about always forms the worst of our vulnerabilities. Absolutely, there is no one individual willing to expose all of their cruel past to a betrothed lover; yet the innate ability of withholding back mocks the very foundation of truth, love, believe and mind sanity. Our stupidity is the sugary confessional statements of love and our greatest pitfall is the tenacious fight for  acceptance by all a sundry. It is always all men to themselves and God for all. 

In a world of deceit and cruelty, our greatest misfortunes