The Selfishness of Friendship

In the end we may not have real enemies on the outside rather families and friends as the closest baits to our destructive end. The angle we least care about always forms the worst of our vulnerabilities. Absolutely, there is no one individual willing to expose all of their cruel past to a betrothed lover; yet the innate ability of withholding back mocks the very foundation of truth, love, believe and mind sanity. Our stupidity is the sugary confessional statements of love and our greatest pitfall is the tenacious fight for  acceptance by all a sundry. It is always all men to themselves and God for all. 

In a world of deceit and cruelty, our greatest misfortunes
are within the circle of our trust-frame. In times of logical and distinctive assessment of pertinent issues, our judgement is often clouded and bias on matters of family and friends; hypothetically this forms the weakest cord in the lineage of our survival, coincidentally it is the very mule and infectious bug stuck within the loosed ends of our love garment. One of the hardest truth of existence is individuality, the mindset of singleness without a borderline of inclusiveness. The world is simply a factory made of producers and consumers; interestingly these consumers are inclusive of families, friends and associates; and in most instance the producer is expendable. 

It is basically in the nature of humans to seek self-interest in all circumstance and this is not only peculiar to distant associates. Some of the worst and best decisions ever made all pose one common denominator; families, tribalism, ethnicity, friends and associates. These denominators brings to the table at all times self-interest as top priority yet leading us on with an apologetic face of self inclusion. What seems in the best interest of all in some instance may hold a selfish undertone to the proffering individual; in the end it is never about the common good of all, rather it is always about individual interest. Interestingly most relationships, marriages, friendship, business deals and families are shouldered on self-interest; you may recall the phrase "in the interest of..." I may belong to a wrong school of thought on the subject of individuality and self-interest as the bias platform on which most advise are given. But then, every individual will always answer to his name in the very end. The difference in our faces brings about different challenges and life troubles, in spite of similarities in problems and challenges, exceptionalism brings the odd factor.   

At funeral there is no two corpse placed on same narrow coffin nor is there any one individual willing to do the substitution bid between life and death in spite of their professionalism in tears shedding. This justifies the singular reason why at the point of death, the dying individual grasp in the air in struggle for life. Similarly there is no point in time wherein two new borns are brought to life on exact same time. Life is simply an act of self survival and a man is only willing to take a bullet on behalf of another when self-interest is at play. Like a father (70 years) willing to give his life up for a son of age 21 years.  

Direct this script of yours effectively for the only producer leading it to a happy ending is solely the individual reading this article right now!!   

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