Is Sex The Basis ?

Is Sex The Basis
She called, excited and thrilled I was because the meal presenting itself as never been tasted before. Basically, on this course, I used the best grammatical expression to drive home my point. This time I must get to the border line of ecstasy to bring joy to my body. My little judges – my body cells send neuronal signals to my brain in excitatory preparedness ahead of a long anticipate match of which a victory is guarantee. On this particular adventurous move my entire body quivers in excitement like a dog rubbed on his forehead.
“This timeI no go carry last”

With much passion and enthusiasm, I told her how beautiful she was, with carefully selected figure of speech and articulated body comportment, I spoke with a sense of purpose and direction. Of a truth I had a vision and my mission was well articulated. I made her feel she was the best and second to none. All with the intention of getting to the centre point of lucrative activities. 

After juggling through her mind with my sweet sermon of love and care, her face shuns in shock of love at last. True acceptance rekindles back on her face, like the lost prodigal daughter of love. At this point, I knew my gun powder of love were gradually gaining access to her heart. But the truth is; my heart was not truly hers. My focal point was plucking the best fruit from her vineyard in the name of counterfeit love blindfolded with desires of selfish interest. Every night and day I crave for the day the real deal will be enacted and both parties will have a common point of satisfaction. After all this is the purpose of my long investment. Once the market crumbles we share our profits either in loss or profit, gains and losses are now depended on individual contributions. For me, it will always be a gain as another feather has been added to my cap of sexual satisfaction. 

The three letter words was my core interest not her well-being and interest of true love. As a thief I creep in and snatch what I want and leave the owners with broken hearts. Don’t give a damn about her feelings or affections. This is what I do; this is the game, for the pleasure and not the treasure of genuine love or feelings. In my jurisdiction, I don’t believe in the four-letter word, I believe we all have our reasons for our actions in every circumstance. Finally, the mountain was surmounted, my aims and objectives were achieved without much clauses. I got what I wanted, leaving the chaff for whoever cares. 

This is the story of twenty-first century lovers of today, sexual satisfaction without element of true love. Hey lady don’t be too quick to fall for his juicy words, you need tangible proofs and realistic evidence. As humans we know what is real and fake in terms of love. We only fake love to ourselves when the truth is obvious. Lowering the pants so fast is never the true test of genuine love. A used product will always find its way in the trash bin. Learn to control your desires and emotions. Be the perfect keeper of your heart, the only guarantor of a well-preserved heart and friendship is you. 

My candid opinion, be wise and never fall a prey or an object of last resort when he needs to satisfy his sexual-starvation. Pay the price today to secure a brighter future or remain a Single Seriously Searching, because it is pretty difficult to see buyers of highly used commodities. The choice is yours!

......If you will hear my voice I will health thy land and thy body says the Lord. Say this simple prayer; Lord Jesus I know am a sinner forgive me all the wrong I have done, am willing to follow you and always till the rest of my life. I will read your word (Bible) daily, I surrender all to you today save me Lord Jesus. Be my Lord be my savior. Amen!! Welcome to God's Kingdom you are now born again God Bless you...

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Written By: Imoesi Peter Ikhianosimhe....
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  1. Nice one. Keep it up! Cheers, @Leronsworld

  2. A vivid exposure of a hidden truth. Well written and articulated. A lesson learnt. Cheers.@Solonzo

  3. Am touched by this article. I wish quite a number of person can read this. Keep blessing us.... We love you


  5. Today's cyber word girls,ladies and women have no anthem than sex even if God comes to warn them but I wish and pray they take heed to this. I will envangelize this


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