You are More Than Enough

It is really shameful for an eagle undermining the height of his flight and settling for average. How disgraceful and belittling of a Lion- the King of all animals not recognizing his supremacy and staff of authority amidst little animals. How much more for a Prince eating among slaves and begging for arms, when he has the power to give and take whatever he so desires in his kingdom.

These and many more are the stories of some of us who have lost theie true width and strength of what they are made of. We’ve failed to recognize our true identities and potentials in achieving great success. We keep waiting for the appointed time whereas we’ve left the better parts of
 our times behind. We keep thinking that better things and days lies ahead, but remember whom we are today is what we've been yesterday. Greatness is a process of time, get in the process and be processed for great things.

The requirements to succeed in life lies in every being, the ability to fine-tune and define the path of true purpose is what we lack and we've lost over time. When we know the purpose for which we were created, you will know there is NO price too big to pay in achieving such goals. In fact the singular factor in achieving success is in us, within us and around us. Guess what that factor is? YOU reading this, yes You!

Whatever is needed to excel above all human understanding as being encoded in your genome from birth, all you need is to bath it out and express it for the world to see. Our diversity and uniqueness as individuals is our passport to great accomplishments. We don’t need to go too far in search of success, when empirically we are success dignified and personified.

That which is required to excel is already in us! Our inability to focus our strengths and harness our weakness as left us at the bottom ladder of life success.

Certainly you are more than this, in reality you are created for greatness, of a clinical truth you are more than enough to succeed and lift your generation from shame to hall of fame.

Think! Think!! Act today, you are more than enough.

Best regards……

Imoesi Peter Ikhianosimhe
Twitter handle: @pethianopeters

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