Is It Real or Faked?

Love is doing to others, what you will have them do to you. Love is giving what you have in place of what you don't. True love don't deform
 it loyalist (pre-marital sex), rather it transforms them from relative obscurity to the apt of Dignified Honour. Will not take or eat what is meant for morrow. In the context of this article, Love will be discussed for what it is in opposite sex- Male and Female.
-The Heart of Men in Love-
Men by nature are design to always expect
from what they give (as a lady be mindful of what you accept from this lovely creatures- eat today


Courage and cowardice are antithetical
Courage is an inner resolution to go forward
in spite of obstance and frighening
situation, cowardice is a submissive
surrender to circumstance.

Defining Your Assignment

After this simple test kit, you will be able to define your God's given purpose on earth. The sole purpose of our creation is to make a difference and leave a lasting imprint in the sand of time. This write-up is capable and able to change your mind and life perspective. In similar manner it will intensively engage your brain actively if you allow it to work through you. One piece of advise, read through these steps while in a quiet and serene environment. Evaluate yourself, think through your inner mind and make the best of the moment. If you're ready

Do It Anyway

People are often unreasonable
illogical, and self-centred;
Forgive them anyway.


Leadership is coined from the word leader, and the act of leading is called leadership.
A leader is a pathfinder of greener pastures for his followers, hence leaders

Absolute Success- Best Seller.

The Past
Let us forget about the past and face the reality of the future”.-Kofi Annan

But how can we forget about a thing that has become resident in our hearts. How can we let go what has become a code of conduct and cultural practices. How can we focus on things ahead when

Quiet Words Unspoken

It's the end of a new beginning. The blueprint of brighter hope and life fulfillment. With a heart of pain and loneliness I write, with endless tears