Is It Real or Faked?

Love is doing to others, what you will have them do to you. Love is giving what you have in place of what you don't. True love don't deform
 it loyalist (pre-marital sex), rather it transforms them from relative obscurity to the apt of Dignified Honour. Will not take or eat what is meant for morrow. In the context of this article, Love will be discussed for what it is in opposite sex- Male and Female.
-The Heart of Men in Love-
Men by nature are design to always expect
from what they give (as a lady be mindful of what you accept from this lovely creatures- eat today
and pay tomorrow).
The genetic codon of men is encoded to function in this way. As a Biochemist I can truly say that 99% of our thinking, character, intelligence, our behaviour and any other one thing is a function of our genome. For you cannot give what you don't have is a common Maxim in Law.

Man is design to always look out for what he can get from his opposite gender before rendering voluntary service(s). This principle is justified by early Economics as Trade by Bata. They give little expecting much, much expecting more. He gives with intension (s).

When he gives to the opposite sex and his access to what he wants is inhibited you become an instant enemy, a sour soup, a disgusting person. Always wanting to satisfy his desires irrespective of the repercussion.

By nature he is configured to trend this path.
 When I say nature I mean his genetical make-up.
By social ethics it is "justified".
By Divinity it is ungodly.

In all he is designed and programmed to function in this path. Read on as I unveil the truth beclouding the grey-Mata of your thinking.

-The Heart of Women in Love-
The heart of a woman either a young adolescent, teen-age, lady or adult is on what she can get not what she can give. Always wanting re-burstment from her opposite gender on what she has spent on herself/family of which she is part of. Always policing, jealous at the sight of a female with her "partner" who is not yet accredited to her.

You become a friend at heart if you meet her daily needs irrespective of the circumstances. When the tap of riches cease for a while she gladly withdraws and device other means of refreshment. Always wanting more from nothing in exchange.

Want to be respected and honoured by all men. Disrespectfulness and dishonour should be condole and accepted by the opposite gender as her way of life, but violation from the other party is unfaithfulness.
Want to be worship and service with all might. Always wanting to be given attention all the time irrespective of the circmstances of time. It often makes me wonder who is to be the helper as stated in the Holy Books. Well beautifuls flowers that beautifies the earth my advice to you is 'Don't befriend your Husband and marry your boyfriend'. Just a food for thought.

If this and many more are what occupies the hearts of both genders in love, I ask is True Love still exiting? In our world today (21st century) is Love for Love or Love for the Rich, or for the intelligent -Undergraduates approach, or we are in Love just because of what we can get for self development? In my opinion Love is tantamount to something. We want to feel, see, hear, before we Love. Everybody preaches and confesses Love, but few truly knows the meaning of genuine Love. I love you! We love you! I... etc.

Please don't judge me wrongly or think bias. In my ideology I think we are over-emphasizing, over tasking this four letter word.

With the above clinical, x-rayed and concise analysis of love on both players (Male/Female), proper education and adequate knowledge is required to clearly take a stand for what it is and what it is not. For this reason many relationships, marriages, families have hit the hard rock of Olumo rock (a rock in western part of Nigeria). Many do not count the cost, many engage in the act because it is what is on board. Only few have truly analyzed what it takes to Love.
If the heart of men and women above is not what Love represents. Then what is True Love? Before I proceed I would like you to read the article on this site- The Quite Words Unspoken. I wrote it to my best friend on his way to oversea.
True Love is Patient:
Time is something that nobody seems to want to take anymore. The heart that loves withstands the test of time. It has the strength to wait because it has no fear of time. For this cause relationships we see on campus (es) ends at school gates after graduation. Despite words like I will build you a castle in the skies, you are the love of my life, the only one in my dreams, the only Queen in my kingdom... etc. May I ask, have such words suddenly developed wings or are flying on the eagle's wings? The answer lies in YOU I mean YOU reading this. The next exclamation from the "Former Lover's" mouth is "Na Love I go chop" i.e is it love I will eat. It means you where never in Love rather fantasy. True Love is patient, and the litmus paper test for true love is Time.
True Love is not Self-centered:
A true heart that loves is not on the out-look on what he/she can get, but what he/she can give.

3. True Love Defiles Protocols:
True love is not regimented to Tribe, Social-political class, ethnicity, cultural or family pedigree. It is a kind of love that learns to receive and accept what the heart truly demands. True Love is unconditional, yes UNCONDITIONAL.
4. True Love Is Honesty:
Truth foster in-depth Love, for this, True Love defends his own. Most men/women lie of their identity. This is why we at Identity Shift are rejuvenating the lives and image of person's true Identities.
5. True Love Stand For Not Against:
For this course Jonathan in Holy Books is foremost in True Love demonstration. Greater Love has NO man except he lay down his Life for another. I hear you say can you Peter? But do you know that the peace you enjoy now is laid by a Soldier on the battle field? Think about it! Reading this at a glance is my sacrifices of sleepless night. Think about it!! Good name is better than riches.
6. True Love Is Contentment:
Be satisfied with what you have. Appreciate what you have. What you have modify it to what you want. Let go off, what you don't have and let in what you have. You can't have it all, you can ruin it all. In the same vein you can make the best of what you have.
7. True Love Is Love:
Empathy is Love and not sympathy. Love is build with respect to time. Love for the sake of love not because it is an act practiced by others. Love from the HEART not Lips.

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