Failure Not an Option

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When you get home what will you tell your Father you did with the best resources at your disposition? certainly you won't be bold to say you failed since He is the custodian of true riches and academic success. He is the creator that created all things but was never created. He is all in all and He is ALL for you. With this template it goes to show that failure is not an Option.
There is no excuse for failing. The fact that your parents failed to plan for your future is not a perogative for being a celebrated failure. Great men and women save a few often have dis-speakable beginning but their breakthrough in life is a resultant factor of not accepting the conventional belief of family history. If you are still failing in one way or the other, its a sign you've lost your true identity in the pride place of time. As a person you are already made with the required combinational elements to succeed.
You are still a failure because you've lost the fundamental principles of what you are made of.
Every man is the architect of his own destiny. The tool and requirement to build a magnificient and adorable future lie in you. The success you so desire is you. Whatever is required to make it happen is already imbeded in your configuration at the point of creation by the Great Creator. But do you know what you've being doing wrong? You've refuse to think in the right direction. Succeeding and failing in life is a game of choice. What you honestly desire you acquire with determination and persistence. The fact that you failed is a path you choose to trend on. This path is often crowded because majority are professionals in explaining the reasons for their inefficiency. You know within you that the required parameters to succeed are lacking in you, why hoping for better days when you are not better and skilled in what you do today.
The life you are living presently is what you are capable of acquiring, but you can acquire more if you aspire more. All it takes to succeed is in you. Get the frequency right and the transistor radio will produce a clearer tune. Modulate your thought pattern and passionately press towards the path of greatness and see your desire future unfolding.
Come to think of it, what reason or tales will be told of you or what story will you tell for failing? In the advent of information and communication technology in a fast track of geometric proportion, books of renowned Authors, financial and entrepreneur experts increasing the knowledge banks of those that cares to know and a sophisticated machine(human brain) at the highest level at your disposal, what will hold you back from clinching the best that life holds?
In the game of success and in our game(Identity Shift Limited), there is no Plan B, its success or nothing else. We don't conceive or concede to mediocrity, we fight for the best because failure is not rooted in our bones and not an alternative in absent of success. Its success! success!! and success. This is the only rule of the game we know.
When you give room for option B(failure) the room of mediocrity indirectly is allowed because, a life where everything goes is a life where nothing goes.
You are the best of mankind unique in dexterity therefore, Failure is Never an Option. SUCCEED

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