The Crumbling World Losing My Firm Grip!

What is life all about? for the money or for the power? for superiority or claiming am the man in charge? They call it a race, I call it a rat race of futility.. They say live and live no more, why live when apparently I will live no more? Why struggle for power when I will give up all someday? Why bring to life, when the living are not sure of the next moment? Why attempt

I'd I Knew It Was My Last Moment??

In joy and happiness I traveled home to announce the latest milestone of my academic breakthrough and a new journey of greatness. Got home on a Friday evening after a lengthen journey of about 4 hours and the house was in lock and key, party and celebration was on in the next compound and music bubbly the air. Daddi! Daddi!! (daddy) I called, the response I got was the echo of my voice. Just in minute I was wondering the where about of my dad, and then a young lady walked up to me and said, he is the Chairman of the event a distance away from my view point. Then I took a deep breathe, walked majestically in anticipation to salute

Giving-up The Ghost With-out Apology

Just when I thought I was going to celebrate my examination success with my family after leaving the hall to a bar joint the EleHouse at the University, was the great bad news I never anticipated, nor bargain at the market place or foresaw in the darkest blues of a cold night.....

It was my final exams for the first semester academic session as a Postgraduate student, a paper we all dread with great fear and wink of sight. We've all prepared hard with countless hours and sleepless night, countless energy drinks have gone down our bellies, our