Giving-up The Ghost With-out Apology

Just when I thought I was going to celebrate my examination success with my family after leaving the hall to a bar joint the EleHouse at the University, was the great bad news I never anticipated, nor bargain at the market place or foresaw in the darkest blues of a cold night.....

It was my final exams for the first semester academic session as a Postgraduate student, a paper we all dread with great fear and wink of sight. We've all prepared hard with countless hours and sleepless night, countless energy drinks have gone down our bellies, our
sights blurred as if smog was shielding our view. For us that uses recommended glasses it was sock and eye-balls competing, our eyes had gone deep cos of 247 wearing of lens and reading the white paper with black ink inscriptions.. The day finally arrived, have read, studied, crammed a total number of words and endless pages. Its 14:00 GMT, immediately I set-out of my Halls of Residence to the venue of my heart most pricking paper called GPD- (Gene Development and Protein), a course in the aspect of modern science termed Developmental Biology.. Right in the Hall with Core Pharmacology Postgraduate students, were Postgraduate Molecular Biology students seated in mixture, an act to curb examination malpractice I guess.. A brief intro was given  by a Senior Lecturer, and on the desk was the meal meant for our consumption already served, either bitter or tasty is a tale to be told from individual perspective. For me I knew what to expect, have always learnt to count my teeth with my tongue.... She went on..... this exams is meant for 120 mins, write your name.............

Like athletes on the track relay waiting for the gun shot, so we all were, set for the race and speed depended on how much you can remember and commit to writing. The voice, your time START's now and on the journey we all set-out with a weapon we call the pencil shading bubbles answers, either wrong or right no one could tell. For me the questions I'd anticipated for the easy were just on point as I peeped through the easy session. I smiled and said today the enemy will feel the bullet of AK47 in his heart when am done pouring the stuff I'd crammed and so was it... Never knew in few hours from then I will also feel a harder and bitter one that will leave me with life endless pains to grieve for. As the normal norms in School of Life and Medical Sciences, miss one question and get a subtraction from the ones you've gotten correctly was the rule for the Multiple Response Questions (MCQ). This area I dread so much, rushed my cramming stuff before escaping my memory and went back to tackle my MCQ (a, b, c, d, or e options) and MRQ (with True or False option) giving it all it takes..... Finally it was 16:17 GMT and everyone were asked to salute their guns (pens and pencils). I did as we were told and that was it... My heart was filled with joy cos endorsement of answers to my best of knowledge was 95% absolute....

My German friend asked if I wanted to join other dudes in having a drink at the EleHouse and I said cool why not... As usual, students talk after exams, I was held bound by a couple of other friends trying to analyse some questions and answers and there and then some pains and bruises were noticed, and the enemy was not full crushed by some students, as it as always been and same will it be until schooling is scrapped out. For me I knew it was my best.... No fear, no regrets, no pains, just celebration on my mind and moving round a couple of friends house to say hi and also envisaging a nice sleep after three weeks of hard-core studies...

Straight to the EleHouse, dashed in, had a couple of chat with fellow students and friends, and in less than 45 mins we all left... Into the cold of -2 degrees we set-out in different locations. My Indian friend asked if I could join him to the Uni-shop and so we went, got a couple of stuff and head to Roberts Way our Halls of Residence... Goodbye I said to him, I never knew I was saying goodbye to be greeted with a sad news through the social media... A case of untimely snatch into the blues of no return.. sigh!!!

Dropped my school bag in the room and straight of I went to check a friend whom have promised to see, knocked at the door after a 5 mins trek and was told she just stepped out.. Getting home made a call to the woman I love and same time checking updates on facebook and twitter behold the news....... A precious in-law that means the world to me posted "Vanity.........Vanity.........Vanity......what a life? This is too much for me!!"with this, I told my love can I get back to you later need to confirm something and she said okay sweetheart.

I Placed a call from England across to Sub Sahara West Africa- Nigeria and behold the news was true. A sniffle of life. The viper as struck again. As usual I greeted in the normal style "father mo, ema meen"? (good-evening father was the issue?) I asked winkling my eyes in the blues waiting for a reply of the opposite truth that can't be reversible and to my amazement he said so it is,  I just lost my mum... I was told a man isn't suppose to cry, I felt his pain, I was speechless, as he spoke on the phone with a faint voice, trying to pick his words in moments when the circumstances of time are rendering his abilities and efforts to zero, pushing him too tight to the walls of piercing pains, bleeding his heart with endlessly agony of the moments. Still I called the immediate younger brother endless tears on the phone was he also. I couldn't help it but call my Mum and she said its a pathetic story.... I ended the call and water rolled through my eyes, I cried in pain and bitterness.. Just in two months difference one could actually lose both parents at a blink of sight to the cold arms of death.... um, I sighed with tears still flowing.... Vanity they say, all is vanity as I played the music of Rachel Zeffira making the environment more sorrowful for me cos that's all I need at the time. Felt there was nothing to live for, nothing to hope for, nothing to hold on to and nothing to push for, when apparently here (earth) was never a permanent place for any soul, as someday, one day I will give up the ghost without apology or looking back to say goodbye... 

Untold end of the story still on????..... watch-out!!

Remember to treat your neighbour right, you never can tell if that would be the last minute you will smile or frown at him or her... Life is brief make the best of it and make others happy...  God bless you as you follow my advice. Make the world a better place than you met it...


  1. My prof and bother! Take heart and God knws better. May her soul and souls of all departed. Through the mercy of God. Amen! Adeus Mama P!

  2. My dearest,I feel ur pain too bt jst take it easy she has gone to a place of no return ur role nw is to calm ur inlaw dwn cos he feel d pain most. So jst be calm mai dear. I pray God to give u ad ur family the strenght to bear the loss dis ad many more we ask tru d same christ our lord. May her soul ad d souls of all d faithful departed tru d mercy of God rest in perfect peace. . AMEN

  3. Luqman Adigun Olatunji18 January 2013 at 07:41

    Moms are special people, especially those who are like yours,good mothers hold a special place in their hearts for their children and most children hold a special place in their hearts for their mothers. Dealing with the death of your mother is next to an impossible task. I'm sorry for the hole that you have now. My condolences go out to you and your family. God called home another great servant and saint. My heart breaks for you, and I am sending so much love and so many prayers. Thank you for letting us know. With deepest sympathy Dealing with the death of your mother is next to an impossible task.

  4. I feel so sorry for your great loss.. May her soul rest on peace.. All your friends are always here for you..

  5. im so sorry abt d bad news accept mt heart felt condolence n may soul rest in perfect peace.Neva say or think we have nothing 2 live for of course we do
    2 live for christ n also we ave precious destiny 2 fulfill jst try n b a source of encouragement 2 ur inlaw it is well n may GOD help u 2 ovacome d greif


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