Bleeding For The Moment - A True Life Story

If you think success is quick then you’re in for the biggest shock of the century. I was once told the trajectory to sustainable growth is quite a length of time with no instant gratification. I was also told, if we keep at what we do that two years into it we become an echo, in five years we become a voice and in ten years we become an authority. This is exactly the story of ABAYOMI JOHNSON and I. Eighteen years ago we met at Owen Thomas Secondary School, Alagbado, Lagos State Nigeria where we both attended tutorial classes in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics ahead of our Senior Certificate Examination.

Abayomi was exceptionally intelligent and we become friends instantly. In the course of Baba's classes as we fondly called the chemistry teacher (Baba was a retired secondary school teacher); Baba would dictate a question at the end of each class, and then