If only many knew this is the right time to begin, a number of would have have become CEO and MDs of their own profitable companies. Instead, they believe it's not yet time and their bellies are warehousing the mega structures of their companies. The appointed time to start is to start at the point of nothing. But remember you are something, more than anything a business requires to strive. Not doing the right thing at the right time is doing the wrong thing at the right time.

We've wasted time waiting for the right time, whereas we've indeed left the better times of our lives behind. Still we look ahead hoping for a better time in future, but remember there is no future anywhere; for your tomorrow(future) is the today you spoke about yesterday, therefore every day is always a future. Until this is established you will keep living in the future(today) waiting for a future.

Failure Not an Option

Not Yet

When you get home what will you tell your Father you did with the best resources at your disposition? certainly you won't be bold to say you failed since He is the custodian of true riches and academic success. He is the creator that created all things but was never created. He is all in all and He is ALL for you. With this template it goes to show that failure is not an Option.
There is no excuse for failing. The fact that your parents failed to plan for your future is not a perogative for being a celebrated failure. Great men and women save a few often have dis-speakable beginning but their breakthrough in life is a resultant factor of not accepting the conventional belief of family history. If you are still failing in one way or the other, its a sign you've lost your true identity in the pride place of time. As a person you are already made with the required combinational elements to succeed.