The Crumbling World Losing My Firm Grip!

What is life all about? for the money or for the power? for superiority or claiming am the man in charge? They call it a race, I call it a rat race of futility.. They say live and live no more, why live when apparently I will live no more? Why struggle for power when I will give up all someday? Why bring to life, when the living are not sure of the next moment? Why attempt
to rob another of his life, when mine can easily be sniffled by the creator? Vanity upon vanity, they say all is VANITY!! In tears I cry, am told no amount can restore back!!! sigh!!!! Inside I burn by the seconds, on the outside trying to be the man I can't.... Condolence messages, condensing my grieve.. Is ok, is alright.. hmmm. 

No man is the boss when it comes to life... One day we will all have to answer the clarion call of nature... He that feels it, knows the pain.... And Jesus said "I thirst" and vinegar He was given... Today I thirst, and the drink of agony and sorrow I was served.. cruel I said to myself.... See me now, Death seems to have won this battle!! Yes you seems to have won gallantly, but one day and someday I will surrender mine and mock at you also... One day I will look straight and speak into your face and tell you conquering is never victory most times...

 I cry today cos am human, if you were as strong as I am try human flesh, if you were as brave and tough as you seems, try to appear in the open air, just try to appear and call yourself Death and I call myself Soul and lets see who will bleed first, who will get the blow and punches first... Be prepared someday we will meet, be ready cos someday you will wrestle with the mighty and strong... Soon!!!   GOD HAVE MERCY!!!

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