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The Past
Let us forget about the past and face the reality of the future”.-Kofi Annan

But how can we forget about a thing that has become resident in our hearts. How can we let go what has become a code of conduct and cultural practices. How can we focus on things ahead when
empirically, we’ve internalized what we’ve being and what we can’t be. Our refusal to let go of the past, as held us bound from the bright future ahead. We must know in other for real change, the old must give way for the new. Until we let go of the old, there can’t be room for improvement. The old is the past, the new is the future. Be careful of what you think, hear or say. What you think- ‘it’s difficult’, what you hear- ‘it has never be done’, what you say- ‘I can’t since it has never be done’. These words are the propeller of your future. Therefore always remember there is no future in the past. There is little or nothing that can be done about the past. The past is the past no matter the grammatical expression, it’s still the past.

The truth is, you can't change the past, but you can ruin the vision, by worrying over the past, the present and the future.

Have you ever thought about this concept; that people who dwell in their past so much never try new things? Such persons can't grow above their present; because of their experience(s) in the past they believe nothing is possible.

The resultant factor that makes us to think about the past are in most cases 90-95% our failures, and 5-10% success. With this percentile analysis it shows that, the force of negativity of the past is stronger to that of the present. The aftermath is our refusal to invest more energy on the present to yield a brighter future.

When we worry over the past so much, it reduces our competence to face the future with boldness. This is why people who dwell so much on their past often say words like “in those days when I used to….” Have you noticed such persons or are you in that category? Those days will forever remain those days.

There is the you, that is in you, that makes you, who you are. Have you ever thought about it? Until that you in you is oriented positively, you will forever remain in the past though you are present in the present, but you can't visualize your future perfectly.

The past will forever remain and those who know the significance of the past make judicious use of it. We are to learn from the past to amend our present lives in preparation to face the future. A person, who has no past, has never been in existence. There will always be the past either good or bad, but the issue is; what have you learnt from the experience? In my days at the University I did a course in Microbiology. I was so engross with the course work that the exam was a piece of cake to me. On the day of reckoning I add no alternative but expectant of an A. To my amazement I saw a C, and I shouted, God why? That day I cried in public, for weeks I resolved not to read nor involve myself in any term-paper assignments. I said what was the big deal when labouring so hard and getting less deserving grades? But that won’t stop a frowning goat from been priced at the market, as assignment where doled out, test kept rolling in and lectures went as usual. On the other hand, some friends advised I contest the result, but I knew if I do I will draw unnecessary attraction from Lecturers, which can lead to a self academic suicide mission! The lesson, I resolved that all through my days in school I will study over night at least 14-16hours prior to any examinations. Second decision, I set a target of 25A’s. At the end I made a total of 21A’s, series of B’s and a share pool of other grades, but without a carryover (F) from Year one in Biochemistry till my finals. Yes I had a clean sheet; the one they call a virgin transcript no stains of F’s. The glory of it all was a BSc Biochemistry- Second Class (Hons.) Upper Division popularly called 2.1. The past is there to wake the sleeping giant in us. Learn from the past, and never sweep it under the carpet.

Take for instance; when walking through a path and at a particular spot you fell into a pit, the next time you walk that path its certain that, your reticular activating system (RAS) will bring to your memory the danger of a spot ahead, hence you are meticulous because, that was the spot you had a painful experience. Now the first time you fell into the pit signify your past and the precaution you took the second time is your future. This indicates that, you’ve learnt from the past in amending your future. The past is only there to sharpen your future, if only you will learn from it wisely.

            “Never look at what you have lost, look at what you have left”.-Robert Schuller

The fact is, there is never a time a man will not think about his past life, it’s an irreversible Law of Nature. The role of the past in our lives is a function of our mentality. If you see it as a lesson, learn. If you see it as a shame, then you will keep repeating same pattern of doing things and achieving same results. The wise minds cross examine their present lives either good or bad in comparison with the past, they don't think about the past so much that it renders their future incapacitated.

You’ve seen the past and what it held, but you’ve not seen the future and what it holds. Instead of wasting your time to modify the past, why not plan on how to improved and become better in future?

At times when we think so much about the past, it either brings joy or pains to our hearts. It makes us feel like failures or a success. It gives us a clear or blurred picture about our future and we end up thinking can I make it in life? Will I be successful? Can I be what I wish to be? These are the results of thinking so much about the past.

The only thing the past can do is either to activate us progressively or inhibit our future drastically.

Dwelling on the past is same as looking backward. Why not look forward and be forward, rather than looking backward and be backward in life. Lot’s wife looked back in the Bible and she became a pillar of salt. There is a price for looking backward in life. I pray you don't fall a victim.

The mind can only achieve its objectives depending on it state. The state of your mind is the prerequisite to success attainment. If your mind is preoccupied with things of the past it can't visualize the future. For you cannot feature in a future you cannot picture. Picturing is a mental imagination of what the future would look like. But if your mind is preoccupied with things of the past, it invariably means that, it’s absolutely impossible to feature in a future you cannot picture. This is because the state of your mind at the moment has no future. Great success starts from the inner mind, first within and then without- Law of Outward Expression.

            The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited”.-Plutarch

A successful person may not think so much about his/her past; instead he/she maps out strategies on how to improve on the foundation(s) already laid.

Down trending individuals look at their past and conclude, “If it wasn't possible in the past, It’s can’t be impossible now”. However impossibility is only found in the dictionary of an imbecile.
            “... The things which are impossible with men are possible with God”.1

The past to an extent influences the present, compare to the future impart on the present. This is because; it’s what we see we readily believe. You’ve seen the past and you know what you are capable of in terms of pertinent issues as regarding success, as a result the fear to face the future is established. Fears are imaginable thoughts that are not real, but prevent us from reaching our goals in reality. Great heroes of old have had bitter experiences worst than you can ever imagine. Abraham Lincoln is said to have failed several times on his bid to greatness, before he eventually emerge as President- United State of America.

Remember, you can't travel through the road of success without one or two punches and that the road to success is always under construction. Hazards abound along the path; therefore one or two causalities should not stop the construction project.  

In life, your intensions matters a lot. If you have goods motives towards yourself, what a blissful future you have ahead of you!

“In life, if we don't bring out our intentions, we die of hypertension”. - Okiroro Oke

There are two principles that can safe guide your way to a successful life;

            (i)         Courage

            (ii)        Not Doubtful.


            “Aspire for you to acquire what you desire. Along the line you may perspire, don't retire but re-fire”.

To me courage simply means our carriage in face of raging storms of failures. Our position when nature is rendering our efforts to zero. The energy inside that still keeps us going in face of defeat. That our present state is not our concluding stage in life. Courage is boldness in face of mind bugging facts; I mean hard facts militating against our success. When your CGPA is reading Third Class, yet with much determination of hitting a First or Second Class Upper grade. When we have no idea of the next meal, yet steadfast in our believes, that all will be well. Fearless yet fearfully stand in face of fears. Hopeless, but hopefully hoping for a better future. Conquered but refusing to give in to defeat. This is what I call courage. Heroes are not made in the womb of women rather; it’s in their abilities to march from zeros to heroes. Standing, in spite of pains and bruises, deviating neither from the cause nor purpose of their existence, but a fixed heart on the glorious future ahead. Courage gives you the tenacity to hold on. Courage is daring the unknown. You will never walk on water if you don’t step out of the boat, get into that tumbling waters and stir the tides in your favour. Courage gives the strength to step out of comfort zone. Don’t be satisfied with its good enough go for the best. You are the best of your kind, that is why no same persons with same genetical traits in the world.

You are created for a special purpose, fulfill your purpose. You are unique among others. You are wonderfully and beautifully created in the image and likeness of God. A God described as brave as a Lion. Reason He is called the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He is your father and you are His product act like one please! To be outstanding requires much understanding think about it. You were made to make an impact, though your downfall may be organized by hell, but your recovery is planned by heaven.

            “God created the world out of nothing and as long as we are nothing, He can make something out of us”.-Martin Luther King (JR).

Be determined and courageous to face challenges. The only solution we need to overcome our fears is courage, to be determined to face whatever comes our ways either good or bad. Once this mind is imbedded in us, then we can achieve unparalleled success.

When you fall and refuse to rise, only then have you fallen indeed. But when you rise, no one will ever know you once fell because, people are often known by how much they succeed not how much they fail.

“You never can tell how fast a litre of fuel can burn until it is ignited”. - Pethiano.

Such is life; you never can tell how fast you will succeed until you’ve resolved to “Ignite” yourself. The world is divided into people who do things and people who talk of doing things. “Whenever you fall, pick up something” so says Oswald Avery. Never complain and never explain. Live a life of exclamation not explanation. When kicked from behind, just remember you are right in front .We are told never to cross a bridge until we come to it, but men who have crossed bridges in their imaginations rule the world. All progress is due to those who weren't satisfied with “it’s good enough”. Don't be contended with your present position strive for greater height. If Agbani Dirego, the onetime Miss Nigerian was contended with her position, she wouldn't have contested for the Miss World pageant which she eventually emerge the winner.

“Determine to multiply your commitments, divided your distractions, subtract your excuses and add your faith” - Zig Ziglar.

Be committed to what you know how to do and make the best out of it. The weak that knows how to play on their weakness become strong. Know your weakness and strengthen them.

Be courageous and determined. Never use others as a standard for your achievement. Never compare your progress with others; it’s not a true measure of success. Measuring your success with others gives a wrong opinion or evaluation of your abilities. We all have different efficiency and assimilation rate, whichever way success comes, either slow or fast, it is still called what?- success.

Don't just be good be better. Being better is not enough, be the best you can and be it now! Nobody is perfect, but practice as they say makes perfection.

            “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but, a habit”. Aristotle

Dullness is a non tradable product at the mentality market, likewise brilliance. Which you buy in is optional. It’s a free will of acceptability. Victory is a choice, either to stand up and be counted in or lie down and be counted out. As for me, I’m prepared to succeed and my watchword is “I will make it in life.” And today am indeed made. Reason, this piece in your hands is a proof. Thanks for sharing in my success! 


            “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.”2

A man with one watch knows the time more than the one with two, who is not quite sure of the time. This is our problem, jack of all trade, masters of none. Always unstable, today here, tomorrow there, you are never fixed to a principle that works for you.

One of our worst enemies of success is doubt. Can I do it? Is it possible? Am I really good? Doubt gives us the inferior part of our potentials. It reduces us to mere nothing, in fact its paints a picture of us as nonentity. But remember these are just thoughts and not realities. They only manifest when we give them residential permit in our hearts. Believe you are the best therein in your field, your department, business and whatever you do. Believe you are better than the rest, greater than the greatest; yes the very best is who you are. The only antidote to doubtfulness is self confidence, a true affirmative belief of your identity.

Being doubtful is a state of the mind and once your mind is filled with doubt; you tend to believe nothing, not even yourself. Doubt leads to distrust of one self and this can ruin a vision. When we are doubtful, we are unstable to face any meaningful venture.   

Just imagine standing with your toes, it places you on a wavering note, hence unable to handle anything. A particular course or business may look difficult but your mindset is the grease that will ease all difficulties.

“Failure is a concomitantly attribute to doubt and doubt a Synergy to fear and fear over shadow our confidence and the end product is poor performance”. -Pethiano

In everything you do in life, try to attain self-confidence it's a great booster for success. Champions at times are scared, but their abilities to combat fear and doubt make them celebrated heroes. Soon you will be one after completing this book, and putting to use all that is therein.

The doubt in your mind most times is a resultant factor of inadequate preparation.

“The will to win is important but the will to prepare is vital”- Joe Paterno.

When preparation jibes with opportunity, success is inevitable. The level of your preparation can subside doubt and any atom of fear in your mind. Start preparing now that you have all the time. The buzz starts now!

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