Quiet Words Unspoken

It's the end of a new beginning. The blueprint of brighter hope and life fulfillment. With a heart of pain and loneliness I write, with endless tears
 of unspoken words I write, with a piercing spear on my Achilles' heel of bravery I fall for your absent.
Knowing you was not enough, seeing your departure is like separating the cub from the mother. Once again its a new beginning for me in search of True Friendship. The good old memories of the past has become the hurting ghost of the present.Your presence is gradually turning to a disappearing shadow at the spot of sun rays.

Your voice is now an echo of a long distance child in the valley.
Your person has become resident in my heart of hearts, but today you've turned me into an endless search for true friendship, love, and trust, you've re-opened a vacuum you've filled successfully.
My wounds have once again been bruised,
My heart has refuse to accept your departure,
My eyes have refuse to behold your leaving,
My mouth filled with endless cry of a baby seeking for solace.Though you're leaving for good, am pleased to have met a great and honest personality like you. You will forever live in my heart till we cross path again.
I cherish you more than gold, always remember you once had a friend who loved you than the lust of women. Remember your country, remember your parents, remember if we meet no more in my bed grave you will always lie in my soul. Remember! Remember!! Remember!!!... The Quiet Words Unspoken.

Written by:

Imoesi Peter Ikhianosimhe to Engr. Eseoghene Igbudu.

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