Leadership is coined from the word leader, and the act of leading is called leadership.
A leader is a pathfinder of greener pastures for his followers, hence leaders
 are men and women who act in moment of time greater than oneself. The radiant qualities of a leader are: A leader must have a vision a synergy to mission, he or she must be focus, purpose driven, must be courageous with much determination in achieving set goals.

In preaching the epistle of leadership, a leader must be ready to serve with all his might by employing the three C principle which is: consultation, consolidation and confrontation of cowardness. He must be prepared to stand despite the biwilding forces fighting against his leadership role of uprightness. With much doggdness of mind and tenacity of purpose, he must trend on like a Spartan Soldier without the tranquilizing drug of gradualism, but with calculated speed of explicit solutions to every ranging problem or problems of his subject.
The apogee of Leadership is paying the supreme price for his followers if need be. In acclaiming my cause are the lives of Nelson Mendela of South Africa who spent twenty-nine years in prison for his followers, Martin Luther King (JR) who fought for the unification of black and white race, and our very own Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, these are men who payed the supreme prize for their fatherland.

It is a clarion call for Nigeria Youths despite divers cultural and religions believes to awake the sleeping gaints of leadership virtues in them to emancipate their father's land from the shackles of nepotism, selfcentreness, statocracy and the rapid proliferation of bribery and corruption that has erupt the edifice of our dignity- Nigeria.

There must be change of leadership, the purpose of leading and the time to preach the need of change is now.

Writing by:

Imoesi Peter Ikhianosimhe.

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