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A few days or months ago, a wife was said to have stabbed her husband to death in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria over allegations that bothers on infidelity. Quite a number of persons were greeted with surprise as if, it was the first time a monkey would fall off a tree in spite of his climbing prowess. This is certainly not about the murder committed by the deceased wife, or a justification for her action. It is about the behavioural pattern of humans, it is about our happiness, joy and peace of mind as individuals. But then there is another angle to this, we are first humans before we became families, siblings, and friends. Humans before we fell in love and be loved; humans before we profess our faith and beliefs. Therefore, most of the actions and behaviour (either good or evil) from persons within our circles of lives stems from their human nature.

When we understand
this singular philosophy and the psychology of human behaviour, nothing that comes our way will utterly surprise us. For example, when you feel betrayed and let down by a friend or a group of people and as such you weep and grieve to the point of attempting suicide, it is because you've failed to understand the schematics of human reasoning. Right from time immemorial, and centuries past, the act of betrayer, backbiting, gossips and hatred is a common trait indwelling in the heart of men/women. What sort of man will murder his brother because his offering was more pleasing to God than he's? Cane in the Bible did. How about the dehumanisation (slave trade) of a set of people based on the colour of their skin? In fact the first slave trade was in the Bible were apparently, Joseph was sold into slavery by his very own blood brothers. Therefore, whatever happens to us or is happening to us as individuals is simply 'normal' in the sphere of human existence.

Less or zero expectations from people is one, if not the surest way to happiness and peace of mind.  The basic problem with humanity is simple, we seems not to understand the human race. As humans, we are entangled with several imperfections, greed, hatred, selfishness, lost, jealousy, bitterness among many others. I have learnt within the short time of my existence on planet earth that, no one has the capacity or monopoly of crippling my happiness or joy. This is so because, I don't build my hopes, trust and happiness on individuals. In clear terms basically, have got less or zero expectations from people. When we see circumstances, issues and challenges as passive or shadows, then nothing will ever take us by shock.

The fundamental problem(s) of a few individuals is their quest, and high energy of investment in wanting others to behave in sort of ways for their happiness and wellbeing. If we constantly hope for a set of people to act in certain ways just for the seek of our sanity, then our insanity is only but a distance away and the psychiatric home our new place of aboard. I basically believe perfection or peaceful coexistence is only in the dictionary meaning of those words.

In reality, getting burnt, hurt and humiliated is only but an attribute inherent in people and inflicting same on others is long in play in the human race for ages. The world will never be a better place if everyone act positively and goodly. The force of balance is only possible when positive current comes in contact with negative current before a neutral balance is achieved. The bad we see in people is simply for us to appreciate the true meaning of good. The moment we stop wishing people act in certain ways, just for the seek of our happiness, only then will our happiness truly come. The happiness you seek in the world or in people is inherent in you, and not in your spouse, parents, neighbours, friends or associates. The sole determinant of your state of mind is you and no one else.

Therefore spill out that bitterness your adversaries want to see in you, and put on the garment of cheerfulness. A cheerful outburst in many instances quakes the heart and feelings of our rivalries, and since they can't get it, your predisposition becomes inexplicable.

If you have been inspired through this writeup, kindly share your thoughts and story with me on the comment box below. Be strong my dearest friend and reader, you mean so much to me and the world. May God bless you real good xxx.   

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  1. Kudos Dr Peter!! A nice piece of writing and an abstract of "Human weaknesses". Certainly, this is a plague that affects our daily lives and the society we live in yet we fail to realize how unpredictable the human mind works. Most often,we allow the actions of others to determine our feelings such that when it is out of our expectations, we stumble into drastic moods and suicidal actions. It's high time to nurture our minds and understanding of this critical fact and find a common spot of reality that balances both the positive and negative side of life and which also fortifies our mind for the worst scenario that would rather leave us undisturbed. In this way, we shall not only help ourselves live peacefully with our body and others around us but will also consciously or unconsciously bring the mind of others to realizing the truth about themselves as well as their actions. The quality of our lives depends on our thoughts and state of mind!!


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